How To Add An Airbnb Link To Instagram

Here are 4 easy steps to add your Airbnb link to your Instagram profile, whether working from a smartphone or your computer.

How To Add An Airbnb Link To Instagram
Photo by Souvik Banerjee / Unsplash

When it comes to social media platforms, Instagram is one of the most popular mediums out there. And it’s an absolute must-use for marketing your home.

Images on Instagram serve as the focal draw for new and returning audiences alike. A carefully curated use of photos will help expose your property to potential guests, while giving them a teaser of what a future stay might look like.

But after these beautiful photos draw visitors to your Instagram profile, how can you get them to book your Airbnb?

The easiest way to convert is by adding the link to book your Airbnb directly onto your Instagram profile. There are two ways to do so:

  • Add your Airbnb link via the Instagram app
  • Add your Airbnb link via on your computer

Let’s dive in.

Add Your Airbnb URL To Instagram Via Instagram App

Here’s some good news: adding your Airbnb URL to your profile via the Instagram app is easy.

But before getting started, it’s helpful to create a separate Instagram page for your Airbnb listing. If you have a personal Instagram, you can absolutely add your Airbnb link to your profile there, too.

But it’s important to dedicate an Instagram page strictly to your Airbnb. This will ensure your posts about your listing don’t get mixed together with your personal posts.

It also allows you to market your home from both your personal Instagram account and your Airbnb-specific Instagram account.

Big wins.

Let’s start by finding your Airbnb listing link.

First, you’ll need to open up a web browser on your smartphone. If you’re using an iPhone, this is likely the Safari app. If you’re on Android, it might be Google Chrome or something similar.

Open the Safari app (or any web browser) on your mobile phone.

Be sure to do this from the same phone that you use Instagram on — it’ll make it easier to copy and paste later on.

From there, go to your Airbnb listings by typing into your browser. Once you land on that webpage, if you’re not logged into Airbnb, then be sure to login first, then try again.

If you go to that link while logged in, you’ll be directed to a webpage showing your list of homes, like the image below.

Click on one of the homes from your Airbnb listings, like the screenshot shows above.

Click on the title of the listing that you want to link in your Instagram and you’ll be directed to the specific listing page.

Copy the link by going up to the URL bar in your browser and clicking it.

Copy the link by clicking on the URL at the top of the page highlighted in yellow.

This should automatically highlight the entire URL, but if it doesn’t, just tap on the link again to select it.

After that, double check to make sure you’ve highlighted the entire URL. From there, tap again and click copy.

As a bonus, you can also copy the link by pressing the share icon in the middle of your web browser on Safari or by using the share button on Airbnb’s website. These icons are circled below.

You can copy the link by pressing either of these share icons.

After clicking the share icon, simply press the “Copy” button.

2) Open Instagram

Now that we have your link copied, let’s open up Instagram.

To access the app, you need to first make sure that you have downloaded it either from the Apple Store or from Google Play.

It is free to download. And if you don’t know how to create an Instagram account, you can learn more about how to do so via this helpful article by Instagram.

3) Edit Your Instagram Profile

Good work. We have your link copied and now it’s time to add it to your Instagram.

We’re moving along nicely here.

Go ahead an open the Instagram app on your phone. Then, if you are on the home page that displays your feed, you’ll see in the bottom right corner that there is a small circle with your profile picture in.

The profile icon is in the lower right corner.

Clicking this will navigate you to your profile. From there, underneath your icon, follower, following and post details, there will be an ‘Edit Profile’ button.

Click the “Edit Profile” button above.

Click this to navigate to the editing area.

Here will be the option to add your Airbnb URL to either the bio box. Now just paste in your Airbnb link and save!

Add your Airbnb link here.

To actually add the URL from your clipboard to the space on Instagram, you need to tap the screen and select “Paste.”

After you’ve put your listing url in the bio area, click the blue “Done” button on the top right. This will close the window that allows you to edit your bio.


You’ve now added your Airbnb link into your bio.

If Instagram doesn’t let you add your Airbnb URL, it might be because your URL looks something like:

If that’s the case, Instagram is probably denying you because your link is too long. To fix that, just delete everything after the first “?” in your URL. Your link should look like this:

You don’t need anything after the numbers on your URL. Feel free to delete the question mark and everything after that.

If you’re working from your computer instead of your phone, you’re in luck. It’s even easier to add an Airbnb link to Instagram from your computer than on a smartphone.

1) Copy Your Airbnb Listing

First, head on over to and navigate to the listing you’d like to use.

From that listing page, move your cursor to the URL box at the top and click. This should automatically highlight the entire URL, but if it doesn’t, move your cursor to the end of the url, hold down the left mouse button and then drag it across.

This will highlight the link manually. From there, right click and select ‘copy’. You can also copy the url by using the shortcut ‘Ctrl-C’.

2) Open

Simple so far, right?

Now, let’s head over to Type that website into your URL box or click here to go to

If you’re already logged in, you should land on your Instagram feed. If not, you may need to login or create an account. So go ahead and login to Instagram from your computer.

If you don’t have an account, no problem — you can create a free account online, too.

3) Edit Your Instagram Profile

On the computer, the layout is a little different than the app but it is still quite intuitive overall.

In the top right-hand corner, you’ll see a small circular icon that shows your profile picture. Click that to head over to your profile.

Once on your profile, you’ll notice a button that says “Edit Profile.” Click this button — and now we’re only a step away from adding your Airbnb link.

If you look down the page a little, you’ll see a field that says “Website.” Select the field to the right of that.

Now, just paste your Airbnb link into this box. Once done, scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit “Submit” to save your changes.

Nice work! You’ve just added your Airbnb link to your Instagram profile.

New Guests From The ‘Gram

If you post even just biweekly or weekly on Instagram, you stand a good chance of driving more viewers to your Instagram profile.

More viewers on your Instagram profile means an increased chance of folks clicking on your Airbnb link, and in turn, booking your rental.

Instagram even allows you to link accounts to Facebook and Twitter, meaning that one post on Instagram can also increase the amount of traffic you get to your page on other social media platforms by cross-posting it wherever else you want.

When it comes to Instagram, your focus should be on images that show off the features of your listing well. Not just the whole room itself but also amenities like a coffee-maker, what comes with the bathroom, the view out of the windows and so on. Use the platform to show people what makes your listing stand apart from everyone else’s.

Your website will give people direct access to all the information they need to decide to book, so go ahead and add it to your Instagram profile today.

Happy hosting!